Pirate Theme Inspired Valentine’s Day Party Supplies Wholesale

Crazy themes can be introduced to the Valentine’s Day party supplies wholesale. Through a pirate theme, it is possible to draw a contrast to otherwise sweet and cute Valentine’s Day party. The concept is little different without any doubt. Therefore, it can attract more attention of the guest. Credit must be given for thinking a little out of the box.

Paper Lantern

For the both inside and outside Valentine’s day decorations, paper lantern can be used. These paper lanterns can be presented in red and black color along with the polka dots in order to keep alive the party theme.


In addition to paper lanterns, balloons can be used in red and black. Distinction can be made between black and red balloons through designs. Some of the balloons can come with the skull print while others can be designed with hearts. XO balloons can be used on the occasion as well.

Heart kabobs

Heart kabobs can be placed on every corner of the party in order to remember about the romantic association with the party.

Striped polka

Use of striped polka can be observed from the cupcake liners to the frosting over the cake. Influence of the pirate theme can be seen on the treasure chest.

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Buying Party Supplies Wholesale is Preferred for a Large Party

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