Pheromone is all about me

Pheromone is all about me, my desires, and expressing these desires. And yes, we all have it inside of us. I don’t care what you believe, it’s all deep rooted as a part of our nervous system. Or else you wouldn’t be here today on this Earth! Your ancestors had to be ruthless and value survival and reproduction over all else in order to pass their genes onto you now. SO, where did the Light feminine energy come from? Pheromones involves a lot of ego. Learn more at 
The ego isn’t a bad thing as what conventional wisdom will tell you. It is there to serve you. The ego evolved because it needed to survive – it kept you alive! It kept your ancestors alive for millions of years. The ego always looks for ways to be superior – to become that alpha male or female because that gives you the best chances for survival. That need to feel superior often makes others feel inferior. This is why ego has such a bad name. And this is why the ‘LIGHT feminine energy evolved. Learn more at
To keep the pheromones in check. We have to keep it in check, ever since human beings have lived together in tribes. Furthermore, in a society where sometimes millions of us have to live in close proximity, we can’t afford to always be operating in our dark energy. Not only would we offend a lot of people, we would get ourselves into a lot more trouble than we can imagine. In other words, people will probably want to and eventually kick your butt. (Think about it, even if you were a tribe leader 100, 000 years ago, you wouldn’t just go to war with all the other tribes around you! You will soon enough be targeted and have your life threatened!) Learn about more pheromones at
The only way to co-exist effectively with others is to bring out our light side. The light side is all about having rules, cooperating, being polite and nice and fitting in. It’s about appreciating others and becoming more spiritual. Light is definitely more encouraged in this society, (for the stability of the community), but we all love to experience our dark side, and that’s why we love drama, that’s why we love juicy gossip, that’s why men love watching fighting and porn, that’s why the MOST popular TV shows have the most violence and the most sexual content. We love it as a culture because the dark has been suppressed, so we become fascinated with it. 
Think about what it is like in Japan. I hear from others that they in fact make the most so called offensive pornography; even rape porn. In many Asian cultures, they have been very suppressed sexually, but these are also the places where there is a lot of infidelity, and people are driven to do demented things sexually! Because as Anthony Robbins once said: rejection breeds obsession. We’re not allowed to have something, we want it more. The more mysterious something is to us, the less we are allowed it, the more energy we direct towards it! Think about all the popular dark personalities on TV compared to the “light” ones. The light is BORING compared to all the dark stuff that we so eagerly want to watch. Think about this…